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Yuki Advance Whitening Solution


Yuki Advance Whitening solution is the latest addition to the well known ELYSYLE range of beauty product. Yuki is a 4 in 1 total whitening solution.

First: RS® is an advance formula specially formulated to act as free radical scavenger. Our whole body is constantly expose to free radical produce by UV, pollutions and hormonal imbalance inside the body.

Second: DermaCalm, acting as anti-inflammation and anti-allergy agent. DermaCalm is specially formulated from 6 natural available herbal.

Third: GX-White, inhibit production of melanin which is one of the main cause for skin aging or premature skin aging. Melanin formation causes darkening or discoloration of skins.

Fourth: GX-White, lighten pigmentation already in the skins.

Yuki Advance Whitening is a complete range of skin whitening solution

Revitalizing cleanser


Yuki revitalizing cleanser is an ultra-soft cleansing foam that removes impurities on the skin and eliminates dead cells on the surface that cause dull skin outlook. Skin becomes smoother and moisturized, feels clean and looks healthier

Revitalizing lotion

Elken Yuki whitening toner


Yuki revitalising lotion clarifies, soothes and optimises skin hydration. It prepares skin for better absorbance of other YUKI advance whitening products. Highly effective in removing dead skin cells, soothe skin cells and clearing clog pores.

Protective Day Lotion

Elken Yuki Whitening Day Protective Lotion


Yuki protective day lotion is a lightweight gel crème that moist, soothes and increase skin resistance against discoloration during the day when skin surface is expose to UV ray. Lighten existing dark spots giving your skins an even and radiant skin tone.

Repairing night creme

Elken Yuki Whitening Night Creme


Yuki night crème soothes skin damaged done by UV during the day. It increases skin cell metabolism for a better skin cell renewal in the night. Yuki night crème nourishes and rejuvenate skin cells thus producing brighter new skin cells.

Restoration Essence

Elken Yuki whitening solution restoration essence


Yuki restoration essence, is a highly advanced whitening essence that penetrates deep into skin’s layers. Highly effective in formation of melanin in skin cells. Highly potent antioxidants provide better protection against skin cell oxidation. Yuki restoration essence helps you regain unprecedented level of clarity, translucency and radiance skin tone found only on young skins.

Renewal mask

Elken Yuki Whitening solution Renewal_Mask


Yuki intensive whitening facial sheet mask so effective that you can see an immediate result within 15 minutes. It evens out discolored skin tone provide intense hydration for the skins.

An application of Yuki renewal mask, it gives your skins a brand new freshness and enhance radiance outlook found only on young skins.